Monday, April 25, 2011

Before I continue on, here's a big link dump of various books and articles I've read recently that helped shape my thinking on the topic of building a growing organization.  I'm also drawing on my experience working in and founding a few local and regional anarchist organizations, as well as the IWW.  There's also an abstract research project I developed recently on the concept of building complex self-sustaining structures from scratch using discrete progressive steps - I'll probably talk a bit about that later, even though the specific details won't be of interest to many people.

Here's the list, grouped into categories and ordered roughly by how interesting I found them.  The short articles are all available online, but many of the full length books aren't.  Fortunately, many of the books can be bought online used relatively cheaply.

Historical examples:
Organizing manuals:

Organization structure and process:
Organizational handbooks:
Articles on small groups in churches:
General organizational discipline:
General information on small group dynamics:

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